The Nacreous Oughts

24 March 2004

This talk of a grid or X,Y-coordinate system has made me ask myself: What are MY axes of orientation? Certainly in NZ there are two inescapable polarities, which might be symbolized by Books Vs. The Bush, and Maori Vs. Pakeha (European). The Bush is where life exists in terror and splendor, the uninterpreted Noumenon; whereas Books are the Mind's shield against too much beauty or ferocity or silence. I should explain that, here, we have a Europeanized grid laid over the terrain, but in places very thin or tenous; and Maori culture (unlike, say, the North American Indians'), while under pressure, first from colonialism and later, globalism, has always retained a certain vitality. Nevertheless, as a Pakeha I have to acknowledge it stands, for me, as more of a potential--a life in accordance with Nature, or the Spirit--that may have been, might be once more, someday.

Then, personally, I feel the combined vectors of three places: Auckland ("The Big Noise"), St. Petersburg (a foggy, mystical place where everyone is a Poet), and The Internet (the Cornucopia of Data Overload).

I'm not sure how to graph this, even if I had the computer skills.

K. S.

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