The Nacreous Oughts

11 March 2004

My "hoa" (friend) and drinking-buddy Jack Ruby Hummingbird sends me this poem:


blossom trickle azure feather

St John turquoise drip

trumpet flutter plop gospel

rain scarlet vermilion screech


As one whose profession is tiki carving, I think you can see a sculptural touch to his poems.

We have a standing disagreement on how to write.
I believe you should write it all down as a story, then start REMOVING WORDS until the poem is left. (I think I got this from Smithyman.)
But Jack COLLECTS WORDS until he has enough for a poem. (He usually uses sixteen, but for some reason refers to this as "one-zero".)

It is possible to write combining both of these methods--although I haven't tried it yet.

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