The Nacreous Oughts

15 March 2004

I have received communications from someone identified only as "Deluxxe_247", who claims to be an UMBRIST, and who encloses this "proto-vintage R=A=P":


"Mind My Have Still I"

Degenerately diabolic amidst the foxhound
Yap I found the uncrowned whiffle czar
Me and my most cumbrous Umbrist
Batting the poem to Kandahar!
Freak it!
Shriek it!
Riffle elf fur!
Diabolic square and contributor to Sulfur
Pigeons on the grass goggle eyed and sanctified
Scatter when my chauffeur
Go past!
Colorless green is they whiffle scene
Is my funky sleep
Where the Brass Monkey keep
Delphinestrian eye for the landlubber guy
And a louche shofar
Old blood, on the new car


(Personally, I have my doubts about this one. For one thing, the prepositions outnumber the adverbs three to one.
When I asked him what makes it "Languagey", he replied that he had changed the word "my" to "they" in the twelfth line, which subverts the hegemony of the first person pronoun.


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