The Nacreous Oughts

24 September 2020





Deviant Art.

20 September 2020

in constellated dreams 


13 September 2020

the marionette has died in a duel 

(henryforbes on tumblr)

"At this moment, the best anyone can offer is gallows humor."

"Our days were spent in roaming through the ruins of lone and immemorial cities, whose palaces of fretted copper, and streets that ran between lines of carven golden obelisks, lay dim and ghastly with the dead light, or were drowned forever in seas of stagnant shadow..." --@KlarkashT

Palindromes in the movies.

the graben of Uranian moons
gouged into asphault-colored rock
unknown of thunderous rebuke
impregnable these chains of pawns

& somewhere long ago, a spark
would haunt the high horizon's horst
& now survives as Vespa karst
or certain shade of plastic spork

A Brief History of Plural People. More.(thread)

"A cloud of smoothering smoke and sulphur seare
Out of his stinking gorge forth steemed still,
That all the ayre about with smoke and stench did fill."

--The Faerie Queene I.11


(germanpostwarmodern on tumblr)

10 September 2020

stockpile of soap no stockpile 

(4threset on tumblr)

Murder board.

turn the CRANK
yawn a more ROMAN

wayment skies of brick red graysquadrons
ferret out my fond AMUSE

list'ning to a pretty steady rain mutter
gurgle bassoon glug NASAL

save the goats
camels that have KNELT

& the idiotic officiousness of
the college hierarchy · grin OTTER

i want espresso
& a St Elmo's fire TIARA

Paradise's fire migrants
find all the good parking places are TAKEN

< turn the crank
walk ERECT

walk the fucking plank
it's a perfect storm of RANTS

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09 September 2020

i mimic Eva 

(neondreanms83 via lofiwave on tumblr)

"My relationship with existentialism is tormentingly unclear and tense."

nights of throwing papers
threading the dark maze
with that song in my head
& some deep grief in my heart
all that is over now
whatever grief dogs me
today has no song
& i throw nothing


una luz torcida 

"The fundamental
stuff of matter

is the Liar's

--Rae Armantrout

Mi fanva.

water towers
whose bases can never be found

untrustworthy landmarks

mapless entities
& stubborn hallucinations

a past
by some Champollyon
that may yet be deciphered


02 September 2020

four quarts & the truth 


Polka from the Age of Gold.

"after a long nap
within the raindrop
the bell of transience"


One Day I Will Return to Your Side.

darraynement of nowness
a crackling in the underbrush
the canals clearer

in our minds we made this place
where the old game failed
ev'ryone knows the shape of it

we were ghosts too
in our time

A short feature on the Cocteau Twins.

Songs you forget & then remember again are the best songs.

(lesbianboy-art on tumblr)

A few of my reviews rescued from the old Dallas Arts Revue website

Can Painting Be Saved?

How to Paint.

Plunging into the Darkness.

Something about Fuchs.

Jill Parr 1948-2012.

The Gesture of a Fate.

The Drama of Discontinuous Space.

In Constellated Dreams.

Bears Discover Fire.

"chasing after
the breath from their nostrils
the snail
chasing after"


Story on Westgate from two years ago.

night gaunts & scuba breath 

(360 visio on fb)

"The Curious Case of Miss Violet Stone."

"Reared in the morning twilight of primeval time, by a race whose towering tombs and cities are one with the dust of their builders in the slow lapse of the desert, they abide to face the terrible latter dawns..." --@KlarkashT

Hauntology podcast.

old familiar mask
out looking for a new thing
to focus eyes on

the emergency still holds
only the clouds are diff'rent

"12 Darkest Endings in the History of Noir Fiction."

"gloomy autumn day
in the checkout line
of our thoughts"


Spirits of Lake Charles.

29 August 2020

the drama of discontinuous space 




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