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21 June 2016


(by david worthington on facebook)

"This also returned me to one of my favoured go-to analogies for the current situation, namely, civilization as the post-impact Titanic. In a comforting manner I’ve reminded myself that the EU referendum probably amounts to little more than a rearrangement of the deckchairs or orchestral music on the sinking Titanic, or, perhaps more accurately, it is a change with regard to where and with whom one stands. But there is little point rocking the boat when the boat is already sinking. As to whether we are nearer the aft, the stern, the lifeboats, or how much time we have left, all that we can know with much confidence is that the ship will sink. The only meaningful thing that we have any significant control over is how we behave towards one another as it goes down!" --Pagan Metaphysics blog

"Sunitinib costs approximately $466 / capsule."

"jetztzeit- Walter Benjamin uses this term in his ‘Theses on the Philosophy of History’ to describe a notion of time that is ripe with revolutionary possibility, time that has been detached from the continuum of history. ...Benjamin contrasts jetztzeit with the ‘homogeneous empty time’ of the ruling class, which is history written from the perspective of the victors..." --Oxford reference

The dead don't go away.

"Briefly put, Griffiths argues that there are three types of last things possible for creatures: annihilation, simple stasis, and repetitive stasis." --Kenneth Oakes on Decreation (2014)

11 cat islands.

"However, the last three syllables from the third line are always omitted in sijo singing, for some reason lost in antiquity. The meaning of the poem is not affected by this truncation, as these three syllables are usually only verbal inflections." --The Concise Garland Encyclopedia of World Music


"Dude, Algiers killed the momentum here resignation." --from the machine translation of Perec's long palindrome

(from Phase IV [1974], via darklyeuphoric on tumblr)


07 March 2016


(pic by Lanny Quarles on Facebook)

Wolf 1061 (=prime), AKA Gliese 628, Vyssotsky 164, HIP 80824, & BD-12° 4523 (oldstyle)(4523 is also prime), in Ophiuchus, has been discovered (as of 12/15) to have 3 terrestrial-type planets in close-in orbits. Located at a distance of 14.0 light years, this is presently the closest prospect for an earthlike exoplanet. (It goes between #5 & #6 on this list.)

Parallax is given as 0."23451 (Hipparcos) or 0."23298 (I use); apparent magnitude 10.1 (I use Hipparcos’s 10.0278), which gives a visual luminosity of 0.001607607232 ⊙. The spectral type is variously given as M3-3.5 V & M4. It is listed on Simbad as a BY Dra variable (=V2306 Oph)--this is also the source of the other parallax. I find that using M2.5, with T= 3280K (3393 is given) & BC= -1.71, giving a total luminosity of 0.007765688238, is closest to the 0.00787 which is given. This star appears to be somewhat hotter & less massive than usual for its brightness.)

The planets have periods of 4.8876, 17.867, & 67.274 days. If the star’s mass is 0.25 (I would give it at least 0.30--if the star's mass is higher, a planet's average temperature for the same orbital period would be colder), then the middle planet’s semimajor axis comes to 0.084258922 (= 1/12) AU. (Note that its eccentricity is considerable: 0.19.) Its resultant blackbody temperature is 286.0K. Not a lot higher than Earth’s 279K, but the average temperature for synchronous rotation is more like 40% higher, with temperatures around the globe varying according to both the distance from the subsolar point, & the orientation of local winds (which are bound to be considerable). Apparent size of this red sun would be 3.27 ⊙. The blackbody at periastron 0.068249726 AU is 317.8K & at apastron 0.100268117 it is 262.2, so it varies ± 27.8K.

All in all, an almost perfect equivalent to the (probably mythical) "ribbon-world" Zarmina. (Although i am now seeing the term "eyeball earth" more often.)

Synodic periods of b & d relative to c would be 6.73 & 24.33 days, respectively. If the radius is 1.64 ⊕, surface gravity would be 1.58 ⊕ if 1.60 (by another formula), it would be more like 1.9⊕. With such gravity, i would expect not bipeds but tripeds or quadrupeds as the dominant species... The star does not appear in fiction, except for the video game Traveller, where a planet is named "Apishal" (in the same game, Ross 47 is Remulak--home planet of the Coneheads). I like the names Audelia, Claymore, Antobia here...


13 January 2016

14-vowel haiku 4-9-02 

"...driving back from Bharatpur to Ahmedabad on a trip to a bird sanctuary, I saw a guy hitchhiking with a bear." --Eric Fischl

Notes on the Mosquito.

   Haiku looth as though,
Whispered, the argent
   Book boiled down all day.


07 January 2016

drottkvaett 5-12-97 

(via Silliman on facebook)

"Existentialism entered the American consciousness like an elephant entering a dark room: there was a great deal of breakage and the people inside naturally mistook the nature of the intrusion." --Hayden Carruth

WOW! Signal update.

Mancini Division

Infest a beast fable
Full of commute-beauty
Where sleep-slovo opens
The slaves' eyes' blue vizor

Discover iron carnage
Capped wintry contraption
Wrapped in what we routed
Awry, or left eftshape.


02 November 2015


13- & 17-year locusts.

"Languages whose 'words' could, for example, instantaneously convey the sensation of flying." --Jon Rappoport

Cassini Regio, on Iapetus (via wikipedia)

(by Contumacy Singh, on Flickr)

"...renowned as a premier thereminist..."


04 September 2015

They Knew Too Much About Geography 


Croatoan Xmundifer
-ocious lapine OAHSPE
Nine-gated calliope:
These are the threads i'd liefer
Forage than a hornet yam
Ubar foghorn draws you out
Bendy straw dog has his day
Pillbugs in my occiput
Death preceded by Bedlam
'Bago, feghoot ubac, great
Hatred, little room
· butt plug
Of the gods · pledge no hsigo
Sharfadin white noise diet
'Tu Brute
reet zenith airt
& his ratbag meniscus
A slew of igloo skyscrapes
Nonreturnably bottled
As demons highfive in front
Of Westciv's bonfire set out
On (once) a hayseed crusade
--O junker qutb!-- entente
Doublure · awful rowan t'ward
Lammas & its factoring
Modulator sleepthief loot
Dingbat kuniklo PRAGMA
& ruby-throated tube socks
Outside · a boxcar waiting
Inside a patient outcry
A fair field full of setbacks
Pluto's mastery vacates
My utmost venom burlesque
Chemo entasis vernissage
Pi digit'th ectype blotto
To spelunk or to intrigue
under a fern or afghan
Root for permuting shindig
So slow as the earth gives way
& you ply me the "high hat"
A web-only expiry
Tavshan gallium brainquake
Rotgut stopgap bunny hop
Bebop wlatsome the upkeep
Tin tribunal & red nib
With Queequeg roll the sequel
That old time batshit crazy
Unmoored to any haiku
Moment wry of aroma
A wine like rubber cement
Vision quest clapped in shipwreck
Output way worse finagled
Now that mud flourish puppies
Their bodies churned by the rocks
Their heads lit with overflow
was when Venus an Eden
& not a scorch phantasm


   frenzy of road freedom
   front & center luncheon

Doom amidst our caboodle
Of low toys & highway rogue
The wind Mariah debrides
Like cobwebs dregs to the top
& rape kits handed out late
In Shuttilon i kick dust
Where botox flies where rock stars
Flicker · blue clouds of chronic
Unfurl it was deeply grief
Or random padlock toggled
Gulag riddle & spook laid
Spraint commingle with snowglobe
Flakes devise hydrogen juke
kite smell divestiture
Famous chalice of drano
Meerkat in subfusc zoot suit
Lolls on the brisk allotment
Tilak alit & avid
In the dark theater we
Admire the screams of strangers
Mingled with vetust music
Roar with laughter · dodge orange
That lines the lanes of Ojai
Cones the better to fetch with
The fate of all things waning
A grunt & nothing after
The foxhole atheist wronged
In horror tempered weekly
Bunnyfreeze · this meek witness
Land narwhal · the nap ended
Point of view of a fool
Default · watch the road, Gomez
Wise scatterlings' samsonite
'Mare Somnium · death's-head
Motherland · awakened cage
To trudge through sev'ral icebound
Landscapes fraught with onlookers
Howsoever ridiculous
By green neon or moonlight
Carrying our madcap world
Induced to abandon truth
So that one faction might score

Digital Lafferty.

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10 June 2015


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