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26 December 2016

a sticky croak 

"Besides hard science, there is soft science, the science of shadow areas and story areas, and you do wrong to deny it the name." --R A Lafferty, "Cliffs that Laughed"


25 October 2016

the botteghe surfers 

"Most of us believe that car accidents are caused by inept drivers. Not true!."


10 October 2016

glossary to crawling buttress 

Jetztzeit (Walter Benjamin)- a moment when it is possible to change history
tekke- a Sufi lodge
tachypath (Peter Dickinson)- a morbidly fast driver
taisk- the voice of one about to die
Olentzaro (Basque)- ‘bad Santa’
teudib (Taneraic)- global warming
zipzygo (Peter Please)- impenetrable/ not yet
Sprachregelung- Nazi rules about what is & is not speakable
jark- a seal
floatpig- one kind of the simulated denizens in a certain defunct multiplayer online video game; a signifying typeface
megilp- a nondurable Victorian painting medium
CMALYBOI BISLI (Lojban)- ‘sleet’
frass- insect excrement
Jestocost- a character in Cordwainer Smith
Hadarac Desert- an imaginary place in Eragon
lanugo- an newborn’s down
Der Zor- what Armenians call their Holocaust (Peter Balakian)
qeh oube (Taneraic)- 'death worship'
crogor (Cornish)- ‘hangman’
arwedha (Cornish)- ‘signify’
X-sistemo- the convention of spelling Esperanto with an extra X or H after the letter, instead of using the diacriticals not found on a regular keyboard
khejzawul (Pashto)- ‘to lift, raise up, erect’
Rattenkrieg- ‘War of the Rats’ (Battle of Stalingrad)
Slovio- a Slavic-based auxlang
SuSmo’ jaqtaH (Klingon) ‘it is fluttering on the breeze’
jboku’ile- a name for a supposed Lojban/Ithkuil hybrid
Khurbn (Hebrew)- the Holocaust (Jerome Rothenberg)
aibeu iyoh (Taneraic)- 'new moon'
AZI AGIAR (Enochian)- ‘harvest’
kodokushi (Japanese)- ‘lonely death’
proplyd- protoplanetary disk
LI NI’U LU’O (Lojban)- the negative square root of -1
(La) Xagvar- imaginary, cosmopolitan city in Lojbanistan
gerkamenknockin (Golden Girls)- “the precise moment when dog doodoo turns white”
dyvocla (Cornish)- ‘unbuckled’
Totentanz (German)- ‘danse macabre’
AEpyornis- a giant, extinct, flightless bird
musjid- mosque
hadito (Esperanto)- ‘hadith’
haierious (should be “hareious”)- cruel
skimmington- charivari
Thekk- Odin
zimme (ghost word from Bulwer Lytton)- gem
Cynothoglys (Ligotti)- an evil god
drabal (Pashto)- ‘fallen, broken down’
conygry- rabbit warren
grypomachy- combat with griffins
droshky (Russian)- carriage


30 September 2016

Nog Arapaho, lag aloha, paragon. 

(facebook five years ago)

Bunch appreciation.

A story that is the story of our failure to make a story, can only be told in terms of heroes & monsters.


02 September 2016


(via space dot com)

So Proxima has a planet... Also known as Gliese 551 & HIP 70890, this dim red flare star (according to the paper, visual magnitude 11.05 at 1.295 parsecs--for a parallax of "0.7722, although Hipparcos gives 0.77233--), which is probably (but not certainly?) coeval with Alpha Centauri, with spectral type M5.5 V (3054 K), stellar mass 0.118 ⊙ (2/17) and observed radius 0.1410 (or 1/7th ⊙), appears to have a planet of at least 1.27 (about 52/41) ⊕ in a close, 11.186 (1/33 y.)-day orbit.

This works out to 0.048011508 or 1/21 AU, which for a visual luminosity of 0.00005553162797 (1/18008) & bolometric (BC at -3.60) 0.001528278072 (1/654), makes for a blackbody temperature of 252.3673234 of the planet. If its albedo & greenhouse effect are like the Earth's (0.36, 38K) then its average surface temperature is -9° C; if a little larger (say, 0.60 & 80), an average of 8° C is possible.

According to Li Zeng, a rocky planet with this mass should be about 1.083159015 (13/12) ⊕ in diameter (=8576 miles), & have a surface gravity of 1.083247851 ⊕ (at about the same density; a greater density is possible).

I call it "Hercolubus" because a cloud covered world of a star this cool would be red to our eyes. (Its inhabitants might be Hercolubozos.) --Certainly not Ad Astra or Furon...or even Meton. Discussions of its potential climates.

Though much has been said about this "red" sun, it is much bluer than candlelight (1400K); its energy is about 53% of our sun's & i would expect a leaf running on the same chemistry to be about twice as large as its Terran equivalent. Illumination-wise, the day would seem about 2% of ours (2/83), or about the same as a point in orbit between Jupiter & Saturn--brighter than "Pluto Time," at any rate.

Clocks are supreme on Hercolubus.

(Prague Astronomical Clock, via the aussie nomad dot com)

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09 August 2016

dispatch from gobistan 

(via irene llorca arrando on pinterest)

Sara, sara.

"...I asked how can you ever be sure
that what you write is really
any good at all and he said you can't

you can't you can never be sure
you die without knowing
whether anything you wrote was any good
if you have to be sure don't write"

--W S Merwin

"Paul Oppenheimer writes that the sonnet, developed by a twelfth-century lawyer out of a folk song form, helped develop the modern idea of the isolated, three-dimensional and self-sufficient self. What might it mean about the twenty-first century idea of self that we are so increasingly captivated by the villanelle?" --Annie Finch

Famous bridge.


01 August 2016



"My understanding of this budding genre “hardvapour” is it’s the Trans-Siberian Railway deportation of vaporwave from Pacific Asian culture, transferring to a bus that breaks down, on foot finding a city where illicit activity reigns anarchy supreme, and creating a chem lab is the only viable “next step.” Maybe you’re in Georgia, too. Or Mykolaiv. Obviously, this chem lab is created in an abandoned factory basement, where people host violent parties with their shirts off, while the night is fueled by krokodil, vodka, and koke. Marked by heavy bass, hard industrial tinge, and atmospheric rave melodies, “hardvapour” musically functions either in the realm of flinging fists or neck-snapping head-nods. Not to mention a variety of “WARNING” samples, claiming the music being fronted is potentially hazardous to the listener’s health, as if radiation or contaminant will emit from headphones/speakers. Shit, and the culture itself stems from grainy cemented surveillance visuals, menacingly broken English, and threatening the sale of Blu-ray DVD player for CC number (including the three-digit code on back of card, please). So you find room in that chem lab so the new label AntiFur can move in." --C Monster


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