The Nacreous Oughts

02 November 2015


13- & 17-year locusts.

"Languages whose 'words' could, for example, instantaneously convey the sensation of flying." --Jon Rappoport

Cassini Regio, on Iapetus (via wikipedia)

(by Contumacy Singh, on Flickr)

"...renowned as a premier thereminist..."


04 September 2015

They Knew Too Much About Geography 


Croatoan Xmundifer
-ocious lapine OAHSPE
Nine-gated calliope:
These are the threads i'd liefer
Forage than a hornet yam
Ubar foghorn draws you out
Bendy straw dog has his day
Pillbugs in my occiput
Death preceded by Bedlam
'Bago, feghoot ubac, great
Hatred, little room
· butt plug
Of the gods · pledge no hsigo
Sharfadin white noise diet
'Tu Brute
reet zenith airt
& his ratbag meniscus
A slew of igloo skyscrapes
Nonreturnably bottled
As demons highfive in front
Of Westciv's bonfire set out
On (once) a hayseed crusade
--O junker qutb!-- entente
Doublure · awful rowan t'ward
Lammas & its factoring
Modulator sleepthief loot
Dingbat kuniklo PRAGMA
& ruby-throated tube socks
Outside · a boxcar waiting
Inside a patient outcry
A fair field full of setbacks
Pluto's mastery vacates
My utmost venom burlesque
Chemo entasis vernissage
Pi digit'th ectype blotto
To spelunk or to intrigue
under a fern or afghan
Root for permuting shindig
So slow as the earth gives way
& you ply me the "high hat"
A web-only expiry
Tavshan gallium brainquake
Rotgut stopgap bunny hop
Bebop wlatsome the upkeep
Tin tribunal & red nib
With Queequeg roll the sequel
That old time batshit crazy
Unmoored to any haiku
Moment wry of aroma
A wine like rubber cement
Vision quest clapped in shipwreck
Output way worse finagled
Now that mud flourish puppies
Their bodies churned by the rocks
Their heads lit with overflow
was when Venus an Eden
& not a scorch phantasm


   frenzy of road freedom
   front & center luncheon

Doom amidst our caboodle
Of low toys & highway rogue
The wind Mariah debrides
Like cobwebs dregs to the top
& rape kits handed out late
In Shuttilon i kick dust
Where botox flies where rock stars
Flicker · blue clouds of chronic
Unfurl it was deeply grief
Or random padlock toggled
Gulag riddle & spook laid
Spraint commingle with snowglobe
Flakes devise hydrogen juke
kite smell divestiture
Famous chalice of drano
Meerkat in subfusc zoot suit
Lolls on the brisk allotment
Tilak alit & avid
In the dark theater we
Admire the screams of strangers
Mingled with vetust music
Roar with laughter · dodge orange
That lines the lanes of Ojai
Cones the better to fetch with
The fate of all things waning
A grunt & nothing after
The foxhole atheist wronged
In horror tempered weekly
Bunnyfreeze · this meek witness
Land narwhal · the nap ended
Point of view of a fool
Default · watch the road, Gomez
Wise scatterlings' samsonite
'Mare Somnium · death's-head
Motherland · awakened cage
To trudge through sev'ral icebound
Landscapes fraught with onlookers
Howsoever ridiculous
By green neon or moonlight
Carrying our madcap world
Induced to abandon truth
So that one faction might score

Digital Lafferty.

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10 June 2015


09 June 2015

dallas by plutolight 

igitur prints (first state) 

07 December 2014

the story of ziryroi 

Ziryroi on the Wiki (2002). "I had been writing in Lojban from the start. At the same time, every year during the Dog Days, i only wrote in Esperanto. This year i wanted to only write in Lojban, so i could finish a book by Logfest." Of the first edition of 27 copies, 26 were sent to Logfest '91.

1993: The Great Rafsi Shift. "This has the side effect that Lojban written prior to 1993 looks funny to people who are reading it now."

1995: Purple Lojban. "Poet and semi-Lojbanist Michael Helsem created the word zirjbo ('purple Lojban') and it's adjectival counterpart jbozi'u ('lojbanically purple')as intentional malglico puns based on the phrase 'purple prose' Michael has written an immense volume of usually-ungrammatical Lojban poetry and prose to which he applies these terms."

From my journal: "Jorge Llambias answered my email: 'Some poetry is being written, mostly some bad poetry by myself every now and then. I don't think there are readers for it yet, but I've read and much enjoyed your Ziryroi. co'o mi'e xorxes' (6-10-98)" AND: I was surprised & pleased to receive the annotations for ZIRYROI from Nick Nicholas today, together with a letter in Lojban composed 8 years earlier. Overall, his comments are favorable; i only wish he'd mailed it then, when i really needed the feedback..." [Spring '99]

1999: Zirjbo.


"Someone who is not a linguistics geek might well ask me, what do i get out of this intense but pointless hobby? Well, at one time i might have answered, it's not often you have a chance to be a tribe's Chaucer & Shakespeare at once... Now i think it has something to do with literalizing the alienation i feel as an author. You don't want to read me? Fine: i'll write something you can't read. --And other times, in a mellower mood, i'll answer: all languages are essentially one language, & our job is to acquire as much of it as possible." --Xvarenah 5/02/03

Sometime around 2005 (?) Dr Llambias recorded himself reading "xagji pemci" & it can be found here.

2008: Ziryroi?

2014: A Name for the Fourth Moon of Pluto. "He wasn’t the same anymore. Neither was the language."

Ziryroi uploaded to Pearltrees.

"We do not think very many people will learn lojban but for those with a taste for this sort of thing, it seems to us far better (“better” is a metaphysical statement, as Chesterton would agree) than chess, more edifying than anagrams, and more within the common range of ability than number theory." --Max Arnott


08 September 2014

cabna rafydri binxo 

2. zo roi se basti zo ro'i

4.5 zo ro'i se basti zo toi
4.23 zo ger se basti zo gen

6. lu skadji li'u se basti lu skanunydji li'u
6.2 zo kaz se basti zo kam

8. lu firgau li'u se basti lu pu'u firgau li'u
8.1 zo ci'o se basti zo cni
8.5 lu nundji li'u se basti lu nunydji li'u
8.11 zo vli se basti zo vil

9.2, 5, 7, 8, 9 zo kaz se basti zo kam

11.5 zo bat se basti zo bar

12.2 zo taj se basti zo rai

13.7 zo dan se basti zo dar

15.3 zo ram se basti zo pam
15.3 zo ci'o se basti zo cni

16.6 zo ci'o se basti zo cni
16.16 lu skavisydji li'u se basti lu skavisnunydji li'u

17.1 zo kef se basti zo ref

18. zo xagji se basti lu nunxagji li'u

19.3 zo raj se basti zo ra'i
19.5 zo zad se basti zo zma
19.10 lu djiselcinmo li'u se basti lu nunydji selcni li'u
19.11 zo sei se basti zo se'i

20. zo roi se basti zo ro'i
20.1 zo sri se basti zo lis
20.5 lu zbasynundji li'u se basti lu zbasynunydji li'u

21.3 lu falte'a li'u se basti lu nu falte'a li'u
21.4 lu loi tarci xagji li'u se basti lu loinu tarci xagji li'u
21.5 lu sevzgi li'u se basti lu zgiselsne li'u

22.7 zo jan se basti zo jga

23.1 zo taj se basti zo rai

24.5 zo roi se basti zo ro'i

26.7 zo kaz se basti zo kam

27.3 zo jga se basti zo ja'u
27.7 zo cfi se basti zo fik
27.7 zo roi se basti zo ro'i
27.12 zo kaz se basti zo kam

28.18 zo bad se basti zo bra

29. zo sau se basti zo sas
29.4 zo kas se basti zo kan
29.7 zo kaz se basti zo kam

31. zo kaz se basti zo kam
31. zo bad se basti zo bra
31.6 zo tco se basti zo dot
31.11 zo tur se basti zo tut

32.9 zo beg selsre je se basti zo bog

34.3 zo nu'a se basti zo nuzba
34.8 zo bei se basti zo be'i
34.13 zo xra se basti zo xai

35.2 zo bad se basti zo bra
35.7 zo cis se basti zo cin
35.7 zo bei se basti zo be'i
35.8 zo moi se basti zo mro
35.10 zo nac se basti zo na'a
35.13 zo bei se basti zo be'i

37. zo sas se basti zo las
37.12 zo sei se basti zo se'i

38.2 zo sai se basti zo sra
38.6 zo kaz se basti zo kam

39. zo dre se basti zo de'u
39.3 zo ram se basti zo pam
39.3 zo ba'i se basti zo balvi

40.6 zo toi se basti lu tongau li'u

41.16 zo bad se basti zo bra
41.23 zo bra se basti zo ca'a

43.2 zo roi se basti zo ro'i
43.12 zo ram se basti zo pam

45. zo mor se basti zo mon


30 August 2014

"Latin Mass" by Paul Bonneau 

part 1: Kyrie Eleison

part 2: Gloria

part 3: Credo

part 4: Sanctus

part 5: Agnus Deo

Flower Mound Chamber Orchestra, live recording 5/4/2002, Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church.

Parn Michel, soprano; Karen Chraska, mezzo-soprano,; Pam Michel, soprano

From Xvarenah 4/30/2003: "Recently he wrote a Latin Mass for his doctorate, & an amazing piece it is. Usually when later composers try this sort of thing, they end up stylizing a hollow shell. But his is rich in feeling & drama: one movement almost sounds like it has Crime Jazz influences; another is mysteriously anguished. I've already listened to it about ten times, & each time discover new felicities."

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