The Nacreous Oughts

23 October 2012

film bucket list 

Lately Melanie has been talking about her "film bucket list" & so i thought i'd do mine. There really haven't been a lot of movies i wanted to see that i didn't get to (ones i did, include: The Last Days of Man on Earth (a "Jerry Cornelius" adaptation!), Incubus (the infamous William Shatner-Esperanto project), Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (even more dreadful than i expected), & 'Tis Pity She's a Whore (a truly giallo treatment of the lurid Jacobean play), Satan in High Heels (Grayson Hall), Chimes at Midnight, & (most of all) Play It As It Lays); more like it's those i always meant to get around to, but still haven't.

E.g. i adore Dreyer's Vampyr & The Passion of Joan of Arc, so why haven't i seen his other two (Day of Wrath; Ordet/The Word)? Or, there's probably just the one last Elizabeth Taylor movie i want to see--the unobtainable Raintree County. (Do i care about Reflections in a Golden Eye? Not that much.) One last Dominique Sanda: Beyond Good and Evil (she plays Lou Andreas-Salome!). One last Audrey Hepburn: Two for the Road. Another Paula Prentiss? I dunno...Is anything as good as Where the Boys Are or Man's Favorite Sport?. I think not.

Movies i missed while they were in the theater: Across the Universe, Howl, maybe (oh, surely not?) The Libertine or Burton's Alice in Wonderland; certainly the recent Corolianus. Chow Yun Fat as Confucius. And i wanted to see that (part-?) animated movie about the Chicago Seven trial (Chicago 10: Speak Your Peace)...

Classics: The Scarlet Empress; Wages of Fear; Black Narcissus. For my childhood's sake: Speed Racer. Lovecraft adaptations: The Whisperer in Darkness (silent!); Cthulhu: the Movie. Because i loved the clip on YouTube: "Turkish Star Wars". Impossible-to-find adaptation of a pulp novel i liked: A Dandy in Aspic. Julie Taymor's British-television Poe: Fool's Fire. Both versions of The Bell Jar (oh, the newer one isn't out yet?). Last "head movie": Skidoo (with Jackie Gleason & Groucho Marx). The Korean horror flick Gwoemul/The Host. Solomon Kane. Unfilmable novel: Under the Volcano. The Patti Smith documentary Dream of Life. Another doc, An Encounter with Simone Weil. Movies about artists: Stevie, Angel at My Table, Isadora...

And a movie i've read a lot about (since All That Heaven Allows): Douglas Sirk's Written on the Wind. When i see that i'll know whether i want it or Magnificent Obsession to own...

Number one would have to be: Berlin Alexanderplatz--supposedly Fassbinder's masterpiece. And number two, Freud, with Montgomery Clift as Sigmund himself. I only found it online once--& i was broke at the time.

Wait--what about Atomic Submarine? The Bachelor Party (Carolyn Jones)...?


Update 7/13: I have now seen The Host (nice), & discovered that both Skidoo & A Dandy in Aspic have since been released on DVD...(7/13 i've watched the latter one, now. And Freud--2014--if only on YouTube.) Truly we live in a wonderful time.


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