The Nacreous Oughts

02 February 2012

         "Spaceship to Pluto"

the day itself & its graynesses hateful
marooned in all the worlds
and i have taken home a new blank book
the dog no longer strong to jump
the order of these pictures
left to conjecture
will you force the police to crack down
imagining they won't
that's the radically utopian game plan
chihuahua amok on the highway

what falls to the old utopian
who might be there today
if he hadn't had a job
chronicler bigtime dispossessed
aloof & unwary


across a burning plain


Other possible titles: Pattern Wolf; Gibbous Tombstone; The Color I Can't Stand; Khrafstras.
LE KUMTE KUNTI CUKTA CADZU = (Lojban) 'the camel-empty book walker'


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