The Nacreous Oughts

23 February 2012

conversations · at the boundary stone
i came in · at the middle
i don't even know who they're talking about
molten & yielding · thought
rats in the walls · ice in the veins
today as yesterday
not an atom out of place
i refute time thus & return
to the setting up of the pieces
for another game that amounts
to a theoretical novelty
wastage as never before
as never before
do they really not see
or see the towers stand
in imagination, as they have stood
& will continue to stand
in this shadowless light
the place where they once stood
turned now to farmland
& flea markets
on the cusp of the new century
one in which these offences
such as Mitt & Newt
will have been obviated
& the people will know
not by the voices of deceit
but by the heart's own counsel
& the car that awaits me
is going to start
& the vast surplus of books
will be something i welcome
as a task near at hand
i more than anyone is suited for
in the pattern of belonging
cxar Ni estas pli proksima
treasure to be borne back
al li ol lia gorgxvejno
to the hive of remaining


50:16 ...and We are nearer to him than his jugular.


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