The Nacreous Oughts

25 October 2007

    Where the Earth Is

gray at what
poet does the
half lightthe lawn precisely edgedwipers almost not
cease to
give someone a
ricochet of inexorable things! already exist
in the voice will
pass, the Loaned People were
reading some cadavera
pluviaminatory strange fluida bloody fingerprint on
one of
the city itself becomes obscene from a
flogging; and memories that which
contained an Indian
Bacchanal blush bloodAt
his own ear.The last ten feet
slippered in Create a chair and lo! from
too much more than private.
Offering no type, nor on
shoveling with skull
revert, and wounds
that I lighted a book
which it by a
Sense of doorsbroken sensibiliafiddled with terrorism
refuse to Cthulhu? Orion just
got closer. Current
Music: John Harrison,
The child actors. .

K. S.

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