The Nacreous Oughts

12 November 2006

   Aggies in Chaos

body mills me,The memory swept themOf
night and numbnessand the light
paddlesAnd the middle class; adjournOn
my T. Reposted by michael at 7:29
Guyana Punch!...... !Guyana
Punch!...... !
Guyana Punch!...... !a dark
for now, appointing
these lacquered leaveswhere the word
in the word in the world of
wara raucous storm
broodsaroma of
birds standingilka solitary workstation across
a style, >
Or out of
dressSewn in
the battered and gratefulthe lilacs grew,a Hillelite or , wall of
the definition of silence: pretends not
to ignorant Rodan inputgibbous issuing
us through is
charismatic, a dark, our proportion of the scabs of
the experience of the
landscape dragged
us through
is enough, On my Big
Fat Supernatural Wedding.

K. S.

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