The Nacreous Oughts

05 October 2006

   The Order of Poet-Assassins

sail superb and glorious day finally came.      Anyway, cliche that
too, drives me of Outide
posted by God!
and the Middle
Ages was in
beds. That, strayed, When the compiler
of the peculiar bitters of Propaganda is
one personal thought to desire
anything as
the power;&>
nbspYour a death also
makes front page news.  Sometimes a match
flickers; we pop the
sporting privileges
of Outide
posted by the distant island
He errs by michael at 1:
data = data + &
data + &r= + of Gide
on the

major sport of the houris dancing
thanksgiving cups have broken
down CHANNEL The
Channel pours out to
live the sail superb
and those highly favored,
that when the
White screenwriter from Texas,
based Eating Gilbert
Grape.  I should
have to break thy
to hate any man, reaches his limits
as the early
would be aware
that a
famous movie actor, director Ingmar Bergman and much
too sad to
the wrangling sects, which needs
walls and coldsquall
Grinchus curb
cyborg who rule us.

K. S.

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