The Nacreous Oughts

14 October 2006

   Dance of the Nymphs of Oncology

totally moronic and 183; turbid
ongoing agony · onmoaning indigo oblong
rainbow loopscloud appalling octopus
twistboardsborg sorg >
hum act · thorna viralata form &#>
183; psalm childhood twinkling
183; turbid crystal tomorrow
ranch or invented. Mum
for me I only woke,
and to
be a balmy 360 degrees below
zero will be a distant memory at 7:28
AM Monday, October 13, 2006 via michae
lcox dot >
fr posted by
yours thanks JR! . And alcoholism. e
Burchill & Tony
Parsons, The NightOn
my thornOffshore. come Lukacs,
The Hexagon grinchus ::Past:: bardic
grimoary & notions
it is to
fordabout cold about objectionable content.

K. S.

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