The Nacreous Oughts

14 February 2006

   "Rosier Ebb Came" (An Anagrammatic Acrostic Poem)

Riddle macabre,  abstruse with hidden wrought stigma,
Odd chauvinist,  mocking morals, man's liberty,
Somberly write   black tales with naughty key raptures,
Imperiled with   rank lusts a devil tawny recaptures.
Enraged critic,  observing printed works bitterly,
Recount wilder   scenes, where in sky rides a sole horseman.
Elapsing years   erase, and your stories stiller be,
But imperative   bursts of wit still appear cynical,
Byronic ghosts   imply rues blacker than such kinds be.
Conundrum dark,  eerie host who asks: "Can such things be?"
Atheist, jester, retain what was your whole source, man.
Mystic teacher,  cobwebs and skulls litter a sere pinnacle,
Eternally, your  elusive wraith remains distraught enigma.

© 1972 Walter Shedlofsky
[Originally published in Ambrosia #1 (June, 1972)]

Pataphysical Sobriety Test.

"It was, to borrow the art critical language of the time, a colour field." (via bOING bOING)

K. S.

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