The Nacreous Oughts

24 February 2006

Canonical Flarf, from a comment on Silliman's Blog:

Jordan Davis, Million Poems Journal (Faux Press)
Katie Degentesh, The Anger Scale (Combo Books, forthcoming)
Benjamin Friedlander, Simulcast: Four Experiments in Criticism (University of Alabama Press)
Drew Gardner, Petroleum Hat (Roof)
Nada Gordon, V. Imp (Faux Press)
Nada Gordon, Folly (forthcoming)
Rodney Koeneke, On the Clamways (Sea.Lamb.Press)
Rodney Koeneke, Musee Mechanique (BlazeVOX, forthcoming)
David Larsen, The Thorn (Faux Press)
Michael Magee, My Angie Dickinson (Zasterle, forthcoming)
Michael Magee, Mainstream (BlazeVOX, forthcoming)
K. Silem Mohammad, Deer Head Nation (Tougher Disguises)
K. Silem Mohammad, Breathalyzer (Edge, forthcoming)
K. Silem Mohammad, Dutch Sound (Heretical Texts/Factory School, forthcoming)
Gary Sullivan, Elsewhere (self-published)
Gary Sullivan, How to Proceed in the Arts (Faux Press)

K. S.

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