The Nacreous Oughts

14 January 2006

And Camille Meesh submits the following:

   "A Constructing

Amber organs can or can't alone for · fallen on have moldering Rome from
Let’s someone of this stick soul species path · rosaries egg longevity from

All Easter armholes join as gold pincered · music the private marrow teeth fertile
And worship whatever with warm apparatus · new the coffle greased crust home from

A serious scalp pinch shuffle and gratitude · indwelling fossils are toenails nailed
The go another food inside the candle paint · months hat regrow unwanted to and from

Sip of gall they fatherly rolled · to brace your lunar revolt by the bottled caudle
In a coated fingers is comes the on encapsuled · number the siblings and the our unkind a protect of a rabbit and the us from"

K. S.

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